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This is the IDE that we are using in my course http://processing.org/ However it's very buggy with my computer and I love to use Notepad++

How can I make it so that when I press execute in Notepad++, it will compile the file in processing automatically and if there's any errors, it will be ported into Notepad++ showing the line with the error and error message?

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use nppExec plugin for notepad++, install it from [notepad++: plugins -> plugin manager -> show plugin manager]

[notepad++: plugins -> nppexec -> console output], set both to utf-8 (optional tbh, but I use it for python)

[notepad++: plugins -> nppexec -> execute ] paste in the following exactly, but change the path at the start of the line to point to your processing directory

"D:\processing-2.0\processing-java.exe" --run --force --sketch="$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" --output="$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)/ouput"

then save it as a macro

[notepad++: plugins -> nppexec -> advanced options ], use the associate script dropdown to add a menu item, with the 'add/modify' button

click the checkbox at the top that says 'place to the macros submenu' (optional probably)

[notepad++: settings -> shortcut mapper]

look in 'plugins' section

you'll find an entry for the menu item you just created, map a key to it (eg alt-f5)

There is a nice language def for syntax highlighting processing on http://intuitionlogic.com/post/2011/03/15/A-Notepad++-language-definition-file-for-ProcessingProcessingjs.aspx

Save it as .xml then use [language -> Define]

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And if I have Processing in a usb stick? There's a variable that identify the drive in which notepad++ is? I don't know, something like %%~D0 in batch [= –  IngrossoD May 6 '13 at 21:13
Ok, I make it, the solution is %(CURRENT_DRIVE)! –  IngrossoD May 6 '13 at 21:22

You would need to write a plugin for Notepad++ that sends the code to the Processing compiler and does a correct syntax highlighting etc. If you just want to use Notepad++ because the Processing is crashing for you, you should try to update your installation of the Java Redist as the IDE relies fully on Java.

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I got it working."C:\Computer Science\processing-2.0b4\processing-java.exe" --run --force --sketch="$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" --output="$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)/ouput" –  user1766555 Oct 22 '12 at 21:08

Thank you for the answer FLong, it works fine with Notepad++ 6.6.8 and Processing 2.2.1 But one more line to the macro helps a bit. Add npp_saveall to the macro, then the files you are working on will save before they are compiled by processing.

Like this:


"D:\Programmering\processing-2.2.1\processing-java.exe" --run --force --sketch="$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" --output="$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)/ouput"
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