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I want the Facebook accessToken that is stored in my user's document on the client. Following the meteor documentation, I should just add a new publish call.

In server.js:

Meteor.publish("access_token", function () {
  return Meteor.users().find(
    { _id : Meteor.userId() }, 
    {'services.facebook.accessToken': 1}

In client.js:


Alright, here's where I get lost. Should the accessToken just show up in the Meteor.users collection now for the logged in user? Like:

var user = Meteor.users.findOne({ _id : Meteor.userId() }); 
console.log(user); // includes services.facebook.accessToken now

Obviously, I've tried the above and the accessToken doesn't show up. Yes, I've confirmed that the mongo document contains services.facebook.

So... do I create a new client collection and somehow hook it up to the new publish? How do I get the accessToken?

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you should use "fields" keyword

Meteor.users().find({ _id: this.userId },
    { fields: { the-extra-fields-that-you-want-go-here: 1 } }


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In fact you should remove the double parenthesis, this causes an error. The right answer if I'm not mistaken is : Meteor.users().find({ _id: this.userId }, { fields: { extra_fields: 1 } } ); –  Mercutionario Mar 9 '13 at 5:15

You can publish the field you want:

Meteor.publish( null, function() {
  Meteor.users.find({}, {fields: {profile: 1, username: 1, ...}})
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This is not always right. If you are exposing the users collection (users-online plugin), Meteor.users() will find all online users with users.find, for example. –  Daniele Brugnara Jul 26 '14 at 18:19

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