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I am using the plugin from It does an excellent job of displaying a single org chart or hierarchy.

I would like to be able to "share" nodes between two trees. For example, I want node A from org chart 1 to move over to org chart 2.

My instantiation code (CoffeeScript is as follows:

$ ->
    dragAndDrop: true
    chartElement: "#chartArea1"

    dragAndDrop: true
    chartElement: "#chartArea2"

However, dragging an element from org1 to org 2 does not update either tree. Note: If I put both trees under the same chartElement (i.e. div id="chartArea1"), only one tree is shown, that is why they are in different chartElements.

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Use the following process:

  • Three charts (parentChart, chartArea1, chartArea2)
  • Use dragAndDrop: true on parentChart
  • Use chartArea1 and chartArea2 as children of parentChart
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