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This could be an embarassingly easy quesiton but If I search the following using the find dialogue of VS2010 with \{.*?\} I don't find anything even though it should find { return Stock ==5;}

    internal bool IsUnableToBeSet //{}
        get { return Stock == 5; }

if I search this in NotePad++ it works. What am I doing wrong in the VS2010 environment? (I've unchecked all options except for "Use Regular expressions" )


I've just read the coding horror site for VS2005 but is this still the case and can I convert the expressions easily?

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VS2010 still has the custom regex syntax, but VS2012 has switched to the standard syntax. For VS2010, the query you want would be

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cool. Thanks. Is there a tool to convert standard to VS2010 or do you just go through the MSDN site and "figure it out"? –  Sisyphus Oct 22 '12 at 21:15
I don't know of any conversion tool, but the black triangle to the right of the "Find what:" textbox can come in handy. –  Kevin Oct 22 '12 at 21:28

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