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Is there a popular name for this?:

#define ALL_BITS_SET(value, mask) ((value & mask) == mask)
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Yes, it's called "contains", after the equivalent operation on sets.

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The reference to bitset is very nice. Of course, contains here would mean includes another set, not just an element (or singleton). Is it part of a standard language library? –  aka.nice Oct 25 '12 at 21:14
@aka.nice it's not provided in std::bitset or System.Collections.Specialized.BitVector32 and those are the only standard libraries I know something about, so I don't know. –  harold Oct 26 '12 at 8:16

In Smalltalk, we long have this Integer method

allMask: mask 
    "Treat the argument as a bit mask. Answer whether all of the bits that 
    are 1 in the argument are 1 in the receiver."

    ^mask = (self bitAnd: mask)
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Signal masking | Bit Masking | Masking

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Yeah, ALL_BITS_SET. It'a just a simple test to check whether value is equal to the bit combination represented by mask.

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