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Is there a command line utility that I can use for executing X based applications that will detach my applications from the terminal so they aren't closed if the terminal is closed?

I guess such a app could be called something like gnome-run if it existed.

I have tried dtach, but it seems that you have to provide a socket file which is a bit clunky to type. I have also tried nohup, but found that also to be a bit clunky to type by the time std out and err are redirected to /dev/null.

I guess I'm looking for a simple program that will do something similar to this:


nohup $1 > /dev/null 2>&1 &
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Yes, there is a way to do it: first you need to run your GUI app and send it to background, then you (probably) want to detach it from Bash task management. For example if I wanted to run gedit this way:

gedit &
disown %1

After that you can close your terminal window and gedit will not be killed. Enjoy!

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You already wrote your program, it is called a shell script and you give it the name you like and put it somewhere. Then you either add that directory to your $PATH or in your bashrc you set:

alias gnome-run=<path>/my-awesome-script.sh

Why waste earth's resources on a program?

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