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I am trying to use a single WordPress 3.0 installation to set up multiple blog sites that have unique domain. I am vaguely familiar with WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin.

Is there any way to do the following:

blogs.rootdomain.com/site1 -> sub1.rootdomain.com/blog

blogs.rootdomain.com/site2 -> sub2.rootdomain.com/blog

(with all the links on the pages resolving to this path root)

I have seen numerous examples with MU Domain Plugin resolving to a domain root. But in my case, I was existing sub-domains that a separate blog.

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No. Domain Mapping requires that the WordPress instance either be a subdomain or a subdirectory. It is not possible to mix the two.

It must be either:




For more info on Multi-Site, I gave a presentation recently and you could browse my slides:


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Note, as you have posted above, the rootdomain.com/site method can have any variation of www or subdomain but that must remain constant across all /site1 /site2 setups. Make sense? –  Jason Oct 22 '12 at 21:39

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