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I'm using a Buddypress plugin that creates a floating bar at the bottom of the page, which displays activity updates.

Plugin Author Page:

Download from

Pastebins for each file included with the plugin:

buddypress-activity-stream-bar/bp-activity-bar.php -->

buddypress-activity-stream-bar/bp_activity_bar.css -->

buddypress-activity-stream-bar/bp_activity_bar.js -->

The author has indicated that it's possible to manually insert the bar into a theme in a specific location by copying some of the plugin's code but I can't figure out what I need.

Basically I want to be able to setup a in a specific location in my theme and have the plugin's output (the activity stream bar) appear there (instead of in the footer, which is where it goes now, in a floating bar). Obviously I will need to change the css but first I need to figure out how to insert it where I want it, such as in my index.php for example.

The author posted some code here:

Which I believe is what I'm supposed to use to manually insert the plugin where I want but that is where I'm stuck.

Is that the code I need and if so, where do I put it? Also, I'm using a child theme if that makes a difference in regards to paths.

If I can get this working, I also need to know how to get the bar to display only in the new location. In other words, I don't want the floating bar at the bottom in addition to the new bar I'm manually inserting into my template.

Thanks in advance for any help!



I was able to get the activity bar to appear where I wanted it by using the code the author posted on pastebin. I was also able to prevent it from loading in the footer by commenting out line 35 in buddypress-activity-stream-bar/bp-activity-bar.php (not sure if that was the correct way to do it but it worked!)

However now I have a new issue, which wasn't present when the activity bar was loading in the footer as a floating bar.

When the page first loads, all 20 items that the activity bar cycles through are shown, in one vertical stack, see screenshot:

Once the page finishes loading, it "retracts" and shows one line at a time like it's supposed to, see screenshot:

What can I do so that the list items stay hidden while the page is loading?



Okay, figured out that issue too, guess I should have just played around with it some more before posting my question :)

To summarize just in case anyone else reads this that had the same problem I had, here is what I did from start to finish.

I pasted the "Rotate through activity" code ( ) in my header.php before the closing head tag.

Then I picked the location in my template where I wanted the activity bar to appear. In my case, I wanted it to appear below my navigation on every page, so I pasted the "Live Activity" code ( ) at the end of my header.php file inside div tags.

Then, to prevent all 20 items from showing when the page loads, I just had to define a max-height for my div container, so for example mine was:

max-height: 85px;

And finally, since I didn't want the activity bar to appear in the footer as well (which is how it's supposed to work by default), I commented out line 35 in buddypress-activity-stream-bar/bp-activity-bar.php, so that the code isn't loaded in the footer.

Anyway, that's how I manually inserted the "Buddypress Activity Stream Bar" into my theme. Hope that helps someone else out! If anyone has any comments or suggestions on how to better accomplish this, please let me know! My one lingering concern is that if the plugin is updated, I will have to go back in and comment out the line that loads it in the footer again. If anyone knows a way to prevent that, let me know, thanks!

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What happens if you do insert the given code into your template? It's just Javascript and some global Buddypress function being called in PHP. No paths or anything. Just try to put it into one of your theme files and tell us what goes wrong. –  pixelistik Oct 22 '12 at 22:03
I managed to get it working however I have a new issue now with all of the items loading in a vertical stack on page load, which it wasn't doing before when it was running in the floating bar in the footer. Updated original post with details. –  Glen Oct 22 '12 at 23:01

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