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This is a sample of the data im working with


as you can see its double pipe delimited. phpmyadmin is asking me for the following

Fields Terminated By  
Fields Enclosed By    
Fields Escaped By  
Lines Terminated By

what do i put to correctly import my data?

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mysqlimport works with --fields-terminated-by="||"

Fields Terminated By ||

Looks like PHPMyAdmin doesn't. Then you have to do a replace, but be careful that you aren't messing with your data (ie, if you replace || for , be sure there are no further , characters in the original)

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it errors: Invalid parameter for CSV import: Fields terminated by – GrapeCamel Aug 19 '09 at 19:12
That looks like a bug in phpmyadmin... :/ mysqlimport, the commandline tool works perfectly using --fields-terminated-by="||" – Vinko Vrsalovic Aug 19 '09 at 19:18

I found this very useful and maybe this can help others.

In the Format-Specific Options section you can set the values as follows:

Columns separated with: You can choose , or \t for tab delimited

Columns enclosed with: You can leave this empty but if even one column is enclosed in " then enter " (quotes)

Columns escaped with: You have to enter \ (backslash)

Lines terminated with: You can leave this auto

Hope this helps

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Tried using this and got the WSoD. – Shawn Solomon Jan 17 '14 at 10:59

Did a find/replace in notepad++ of || and replaced it with comma so the data read


Then filled in the following:

Fields Terminated By ,
Fields Enclosed By 
Fields Escaped By \
Lines Terminated By auto

worked great

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