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Using SpecFlow, I have this scenario:

Scenario: Amount is not negative
  Given a Validator
  Given a TestData
    And MinimumAmount is -0.01
  When when validator is invoked
  Then validator sets validation error

SpecFlow generated the following binding for the MinimumAmount:

public void Given_MinimumAmount_is_P0(decimal p0)

But when executed, the value passed to the step is 0.01 and not -0.01.

How do I set this, so it captures the minus sign?

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"Amount is not negative" is this correct? –  Hamlet Hakobyan Oct 22 '12 at 21:54
yes, I want to test validator, which ensures that the amount is not negative. For this, I need to pass negative and see it failing. –  Sunny Milenov Oct 22 '12 at 21:59

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Just figured it out. Looks like that the "default" behavior is wrong, but after I set proper text for the Give attribute, it started working.

I changed the step definition to:

[Given(@"MinimumAmount is (.*)")]
public void Given_MinimumAmount_is_P0(decimal p0)
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