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I am currently running on the newest freebsd 64 bit server 9~ the problem is that I have:

  • 2 seperate blogs on my server with two different domains
  • The older one was "donosiciele.pl" - works fine
  • The newer one "digsite.cat" has a subdomain multisite configured.

Lets cut to the chase. I do not have a dns wildcard ( *.digsite.cat ) so I had to edit my namedb file digsite.cat.db. After www I added subdomains for scary.digsite.cat and so on.

www                     A
scary                   A
music                   A
fashion                 A

The problem is that when you go to www.digsite.cat everything is fine, www.donosiciele.pl - fine

www.music.digsite.cat - you will get redirected to the "elder/1st" wordpress cms which runs under www.donosiele.pl

I have no idea how to deal with the problem, and I thoroughly search wordpress forums for that.

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This looks to be a web server configuration issue not an issue with DNS. –  X-Istence Nov 1 '12 at 16:30

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The answer to that is to create an apache virtual host for the given subdomain :)

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