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I know some languages have a library that allows you to get the HTTP content for a 404 or 500 message.

Is there a library that allows that for Ruby?

I've tried open-uri but it simply returns an HTTPError exception without the HTML content for the 404 response.

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This doesn't seem to be stated clearly enough in the docs, but HttpError has an io attribute, which you can treat as a read only file as far as i know.

require 'open-uri'

  response = open('')
rescue => e
  puts e # Error message
  puts # Http Error code
  puts # Http response body
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sweet! exactly what I was looking for. I wish they'd include this in the doc. I checked there and did not find this info (did find info on the status and the code tho) – leeroid Oct 23 '12 at 1:16

Net::HTTP supports what you need.

You can use the request_get method and it will return a response regardless of the status code.

From script/console:

> http ='localhost', 3000)
=> #<Net::HTTP localhost:3000 open=false>
> resp = http.request_get('/foo') # a page that doesn't exist
=> #<Net::HTTPNotFound 404 Not Found readbody=true>
> resp.code
=> "404"
> resp.body
=> "<html>...</html>"

(If the library is not available to you by default, you can do a require 'net/http'

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Sweet. Thanks Nick! Looks like Open-uri is a wrapper around Net::HTTP to make things simpler. Really appreciate the help. – leeroid Oct 23 '12 at 1:13

Works with HTTParty as well

require 'rubygems'
require 'httparty'


There are a number of HTTP Clients available, choose one you like from

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