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i've got a foo.php file which retrieves client infomation and generates an xml output with the relevant client info.

i'm trying this ajax call which does not seem to want to work

$.get('','',function(xml){ $('samplenode',xml).each(function(i){ //stuff done here }); }, 'xml');

i'm still new to javascript, jquery and ajax, so there might be something really silly that i'm overlooking.

(i've tried replacing foo.php with a foo.xml file with a copy/paste of a sample output, and that works fine, so it really seems to be a problem with the call to a php file. and if i go straight to the foo.php file with my browser, the xml is all there and properly formatted, so the problem does not seem to be the php script itself.)

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do you set content-type properly? – rezna Aug 19 '09 at 19:21

Use 'foo.php' instead.

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is your get url correct? You have:


Should that be:

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actually, turns out it was a problem with the 'type' argument of the $.get function.

simply omitting it seems to have solved the problem

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If you want to leave the type, send you document with the correct content type by starting the php with:

header ("content-type: text/xml");
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