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I have a webapp in which I query for results that are nearby the user. Because of the way the app works, the user is located in a square bounded by 4 points, 2 for the bottom left corner and 2 for the upper right corner: latsw,latne,longsw,longne. I need to increase the size of the "square" while keeping the user in the center of the square. I've been trying with basic stuff like:

$latsw= $latsw - $increasing_factor;
$latne= $latne + $increasing_factor;
$longsw=$longsw - $increasing_factor;
$longne=$longne + $increasing_factor;


$latsw= $latsw / $increasing_factor;
$latne= $latne * $increasing_factor;
$longsw=$longsw / $increasing_factor;
$longne=$longne * $increasing_factor;

but the results are just giving me a shifted area or some other weird behavior. I guess this is because GPS coords don't really behave linearly in a 2D plane. Any ideas to do something like this while keeping it relatively simple?

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Now that I think about it, there is not really much coding per se in this question, so if anyone feels this should go in another site, let me know. –  leonsas Oct 22 '12 at 23:16

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You could try something like this:

You want to keep the same center longitude/latitude, so calculate that first (by averaging the two longitudes and two latitudes you already have):

center_long = (ne_long + sw_long)/2
center_lat = (ne_lat + sw_lat)/2

Then calculate the size of the bounding box by differencing the two longitudes and two latitudes to get delta_long, delta_lat.

delta_long = ne_long - sw_long
delta_lat = ne_lat - sw_lat

Adjust delta_long and delta_lat by multiplying by some factor (say, 1.5 for a 50% increase):

new_delta_long = delta_long * increasing_factor
new_delta_lat = delta_lat * increasing_factor

Finally calculate the new bounding points:

new_corner_long = center_long +/- new_delta_long
new_corner_lat = center_lat +/- new_delta_lat

As long as you're not too close to the poles, equator, or prime meridian (to avoid awkward range/sign issues), or not using too large a bounding box (to avoid awkward deviations from 2-d plane behavior) this should get you in the ballpark of what you're looking for.

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