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I would like to display a "DOC" link in a Webgrid when a document (path) exists.

The document full path is constructed from a generic path (path data stored in the settings table) and a document specific path (path data stored in another table).

The below will work but there is no condition and no constructed path !

meetingsGrid.Column("Agenda", format: @<a href="document full path">DOC</a>)

This does not work:

meetingsGrid.Column("Agenda", format: @<a href="generic path" + "document specific path">DOC</a>)

Tried this:

meetingsGrid.Column("Agenda", format: @<a href="@Url.Action(Path.Combine(@genericpath,specificpath))">DOC</a>)

I have tried to add some conditions but even with the full path, I couldn't make it work :-(

meetingsGrid.Column("Agenda", format: @if(meetingsData.AgendaPath!=null){@<a href="fullpath">DOC</a>)}else{@Html.Raw("")}

meetingsGrid.Column("Agenda", format: (item) => @Html.Raw((item.AgendaPath!=null) ? (@<a href="fullpath">DOC</a>) : ""))

Thanks for your help

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At least in webMatrix 1.0 (I'm not yet on 2.0), you had to explicitly indicate in the format parameter that you wanted to emit html. Here's a example from my production code:

format: @<text><a href="/Dashboard/DealerInfo/@item.Dealer">@item.Dealer</a> </text>

Or if your variable could be null, then using your variables:

format:  ( meetingsData.AgendaPath.AgendaPath == null ) ? @<text>""</text> : @<text><a href="/Dashboard/DealerInfo/@item.Dealer">@item.Dealer)</a> </text>

Which the ? operator says if the statement before the ? is true, return a empty string elsewise return the href you want.

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what are you putting where i had @item.Dealer? You should be able to put @item.AgendaPath. Even if item.AgendaPath is null, i believe nothing will be emitted but it wouldn't crash. –  Knox Oct 23 '12 at 20:18
I modified the answer to test for null –  Knox Oct 23 '12 at 20:26
correct, sorry. thought "item" was a dynamic SQL query and "Dealer" the variable "meetingsData.AgendaPath" in my case. Constructed path now works but I still need the conditional statement to avoid "DOC" links pointing to folders (href="@App.documentsPath@Session[CondoName]@item.AgendaPath">DOC</a> –  user1455103 Oct 23 '12 at 20:52
hmmmm... see my edit to the answer –  Knox Oct 23 '12 at 21:14
yes, you're right. item was a oversight, shouldn't it be meetingsData.AgendaPath ? –  Knox Oct 23 '12 at 21:43

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