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I am working on a site using Adobe CQ and somewhere CQ is automatically adding:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1">

right after the opening head tag. Does anyone know where I can change this is in Adobe CQ so I can get this site displaying correctly for the iPad? Maybe there is a way to override any other viewport settings found on a page? Thanks for any suggestions.

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The default head script for the mobile page in CQ5.5 can be found at libs/wcm/mobile/components/page/head.jsp

The default head script for the web page in CQ5.5 can be found at /libs/foundation/components/page/head.jsp

You can override the foundation head.jsp by creating a resource using this path: /apps/<site-id>/components/page/base/head.jsp. Any content in this resource will override content in default(libs/) head.jsp.

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Actually it is added via js in /libs/cq/touch/widgets/source/jquerymobile/jquery.mobile.js, search for metaViewportContent string.

I haven't found yet how to change it in proper way, though.

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