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Regex - Greedyness - matching HTML tags, content and attributes

The text I want to parse is something like this:

Dir: <a href="/name/nm0381817/">Vinton Heuck</a>, <a href="/name/nm1367649/">Ciro Nieli</a>
    With: <a href="/name/nm0519680/">Eric Loomis</a>, <a href="/name/nm0732436/">Bumper Robinson</a>, <a href="/name/nm1685408/">Dawn Olivieri</a>

Usually, there're one or two anchor elements after "Dir" and multiple anchor elements after "With".

What I want to do is get all values of anchor elements after "Dir" and before "With". I tried some regular expression like this:

preg_match_all("/Dir: <a href=\"\/name\/.+\/\">(.+)<\/a>/", $content, $matches);

But this only works when there's only one anchor element after "Dir". Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Fey, when you say it "only works when there's only one anchor element", what happens when it you have more? (does it return everything? nothing?) –  Shalmezad Oct 23 '12 at 0:28

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i think you are missing some grouping instruction "()+" to get not only one but one or two links, take a look at this to test your regex.

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You would have to group your regex for finding the anchor tag, and use + for one or more.

Something like:

/Dir: (<a href=\"\/name\/.+\/\">(.+)<\/a>)+/

You'd have to edit to take into account the comma, but it will get you started.

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Assuming that the line that contains "Dir:" appears only once:

preg_match_all("/(<([[:graph:]]+)[^>]*>)(.*?)(<\/\\2>)/", preg_replace("/[[:blank:]]*With:.*/","",$content), $matches);

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