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I need to remove the characters -, +, (, ), and space from a string in Oracle. The other characters in the string will all be numbers. The function that can do this is REGEXP_REPLACE. I need help writing the correct regex.

Examples: string '23+(67 -90' should return '236790' string '123456' should return '123456'

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Something like

SQL> ed
Wrote file afiedt.buf

  1  with data as (
  2    select 'abc123def456' str from dual union all
  3    select  '23+(67 -90' from dual union all
  4    select '123456' from dual
  5  )
  6  select str,
  7         regexp_replace( str, '[^[:digit:]]', null ) just_numbers
  8*   from data
SQL> /

------------ --------------------
abc123def456 123456
23+(67 -90   236790
123456       123456

should do it. This will remove any non-digit character from the string.

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search for \D or [\-\+, ]and replace with empty string ''

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