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How can I get cookies from a authentication request to a webservice that uses session? I can not change the webservice implementation.

public static Result authenticate(){
    Form<Login> f = form(Login.class).bind(request().body().asJson());

    Promise<WS.Response> result = WS.url("http://site/login")
        .post("{\"login\":\"login\", \"password\":\"password\"}");

    return async(result.map(
            new Function<WS.Response, Result>() {
                public Result apply(WS.Response response) throws Throwable {
                    if(response.getStatus() == OK){
                        JsonNode jn = response.asJson();
                        session("username", jn.get("login").toString());

                        // how can I get cookies from webservice?

                        return ok(jn);
                        return internalServerError();
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I found the answer here. The first webservice response has Set-Cookie header.

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