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I'm making an HTML form, and I want to focus on the first input field when a link on the page is clicked. In addition I want to scroll the page to that location. I wrote a JS function to focus the box:

function selectCommentBox() {

and here's the code for my link:

<a href='#commentbox' onclick='selectCommentBox();'>Reply</a>

My dilemma is that I can only get one behavior or the other. If I use this link as-is, the anchor works correctly and the page is scrolled to the position of the field, but the field is not highlighted. If I add "return false;" to the onclick, the field is highlighted, but the anchor jump is not performed. How can I get both behaviors to apply? Thanks

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Using your code, when I clicked on that link it would scroll me down to the commentbox and have the cursor inside of it (I used a textarea). Am I missing something or does your code work as intended for me? – Rhyono Oct 23 '12 at 1:15
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When an anchor link is followed, you are actually giving the focus to that anchor (#commentbox), so you'll need to write a function that does both the scrolling/linking and the focusing:

function selectCommentBox() {
    window.location = '#commentbox';

For old-browser compatibility, add the return false; statement and keep the href attribute in place.

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Ah, fantastic, worked like a charm – Nick Oct 23 '12 at 2:40

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