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I have a gridview load with data from the database. For the price's row, i want to circle up the number if the price is lower than 5. I building it inside WPF.

It will be something like this :

enter image description here

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If you're using a data template to display the price, you could just draw an ellipse over top of the label.

    <TextBlock Text={Binding Path=Price, StringFormat='{}{0} $'}/>


         <TextBlock Text={Binding Price, StringFormat='{}{0} $'}/>
         <Ellipse Stroke="Orange" 
                  Visibility="{Binding Path=Price, Converter={StaticResource lowPriceToVisiblity}}"/>

Something to that effect.

The LowPriceToVisibilty converter would just be a simple IValueConverter that takes the price as a parameter and returns the appropriate Visibility value. Alternatively, you could add a Low Price Visibility property to the object being bound to the row and bind to that property.

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