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I am currently beginning a project where we want to build an Interactive Whiteboard (educational activities) and deploy via CD-ROM. I want to build the project in HTML5 for it's interactivity and then somehow compile it to both .exe. and .dmg so when the CD-ROM is inserted it autoplays the 'Game'.

How is this possible? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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HTML 5 is a browser technology, so I think as long as the pc you are installing on has the latest browsers, installing your app should work fine. Can you tell us why you want it as a CD-ROM based installation, where as you can easily host it online?

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I'm worried about hosting online due to people not having the latest browser, especially seeing as it will be going to a lot of different schools. Basically I'm working for a publishing company, and the book will include the CD-ROM with it attached to the back cover, it doesn;t need to be installed, just run straight from the disc like an autoplay app. –  joshzee Oct 23 '12 at 1:41

You may not need any .exe wrapping. Here is an approach.

Important: your autorun will be often disabled, [not so] quietly. Provide some instructions for running your application manually.


  • Google for running a portable version of Firefox or Chrome from a CD. Have the browser prepared. Put it in a [sub]directory representing your CD.

  • Put your content there.

  • Create a .cmd file to invoke the browser with a command like,

    FirefoxPortable.exe index.html

  • Create autorun.inf (details googlable) to call the above batch file.

  • Make a CD image from that directory. There are lots of CD burning applications that can do that.

  • Test.

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