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I know that AI is vast field and there are many algorithms which exist there. I have tried learning from wikipedia but thats too much math stuff which i didn't understand.

Is there any place from where i can find the 7-8 lines of brief introduction on each algorithm and which can tell me that for which type of problems we can use which algorithm.

E,g something like IF we need to find some shortest route t0o some destination then we can use shortest path algorithm. Currently there are so much variery of fields like Bayesian methods , meakov chain models , optimization algorithms which i am not able to get what type of proeblems can be solved by them.

I jsut want to know what athey are capable of doi ng rather than hard core math stuff which always goes on the top of my head

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aaai.org has some good introductory articles. http://aitopics.net/AIOverview

machine learning 101: Overwhelmed by Machine Learning---is there an ML101 book?

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