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Currently i'm working on load splitting scenario in jmeter.
My test-plan structure is similar as below:

BeanShell Preprocessor (here I have below code)

    Integer totalLoad = 0;
    Integer searchUsers = 0;
    Integer createUseres = 0; 

    totalLoad = Integer.parseInt (vars.get("TOTALUSERS")); 
    searchUsers = ((totalLoad / 100) * 40);  createUseres =((totalLoad / 100) * 10);  guestUsers = ((totalLoad / 100) * 50);

    vars.put("searchUsers", searchUsers.toString());
    vars.put("createUseres", createUseres.toString());
    vars.put("guestUsers", guestUsers.toString()); 

Thread group: Search (I am using ${searchUsers} in the number of Threads(users) field) 
Thread group: Create (I am using ${createUseres} in the number of Threads(users) field) 
Thread group: Guest (I am using ${guestUsers} in the number of Threads(users) field) 

This is not working for me.
Can you please help?

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JMeter variables are local to each thread. So if you'll create those variables in preprocessor, they won't be accessible to other threads at this level.

You should use properties to put/get searchUsers, createUseres, guestUsers like:

Use props.put("guestUsers", guestUsers.toString()); in BeanShell Preprocessor. Use ${__P(searchUsers)} as number of threads in Thread Group.

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Thanks Andrey for your help. Now my script works fine. –  user1767083 Oct 23 '12 at 9:24

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