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I am trying to rotate PNG images using exiftool using following command line:

exiftool -Orientation=3 -n ImageName

The command line run successfully in terminal and I can get the Orientation info via command line: exiftool -Orientation -n ImageName, saying 3 in this case. But the PNG image itself doesn't rotate at all. This command line works fine with JPG and TIFF image. So how to rotate a PNG image using exiftool?

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I'm not familiar with that tool, but bear in mind:

1) you are not really rotating the image, you are (at best) setting a metadata property that (might) suggest to a image reader a different orientation than the default;

2) how image readers (including web browsers) interpret metadata when showing an image can be quite impredictable

3) PNG has little or no EFIX metadata support.

I don't know what metadata ("chunk", in PNG vocabulary) that program writes into the PNG image when you tell it to change the "orientation", but I would not be surprised if only that program can read that. You can use this tweakpng to peek inside the PNG chunks.

Why don't you do a "real" image rotation?

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Thank you! My program tries to decide whether a PNG is rotated via the Orientation value. It turns out I went to the wrong way. I will try other ways. –  Sam Wei Oct 23 '12 at 5:17

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