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when I typed in $ ruby -v the output appeared as below:

ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20 revision 35410) [x86_64-darwin11.4.0] 

In the past, I used to see the output as:

ruby 1.9.3

Why is my ruby version appearing with more data now? I am new to programming and am wondering if I messed up my computer. Help! Thank you in advance!

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Chances are, you upgraded your Ruby installation somewhere along the line (or your system package manager did). It's very unlikely that you messed anything up.

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Okay - Just wanted to make sure. Thank you. – LearningHowToCode Oct 23 '12 at 3:45

Are you using RVM to manage your ruby versions? If not I would reccomend doing so.

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I just checked and it looks like I have rvm 1.16.16. Thank you for your suggestion. – LearningHowToCode Oct 23 '12 at 4:27
No problem glad I could help – covard Oct 23 '12 at 20:37

It sounds like you are not using RVM, and that the system package manager installed an update. I would strongly recommend using RVM, it will save you tons of head ache in the future.

If you are not familiar with it, it is a great version manager created by Wayne Seguin. It allows you use specific versions of ruby and specific gems for different projects.

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Thank you for the video! – LearningHowToCode Oct 23 '12 at 4:27

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