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I was trying to make a list of all parent pages in wordpress. More specifically, A list of ancestor pages to use as a breadcrumb trail.

I want to get the parent, it's parent, etc. all the way to the top level.

For example, for this page structure:

  • Page
    • Subpage
      • Subsubpage
        • Subsubsubpage

Called from Subsubsubpage it should return

  • Page
  • Subpage
  • Subsubpage

And called from Subsubpage it should return

  • Page
  • Subpage
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get_post_ancestors() returns the page id's of all ancestors as an array.

wp_list_pages() accepts a comma seperated list of page ids

The implode() function glues together the array with a string, in this case a comma.

By imploding the results of get_post_ancestors with commas, it effectively creates a comma seperated list of ancestor's page ids to pass to wp_list_pages().

The default usage of wp_list_pages() would create nested lists. Setting the depth option to -1 arranges all items in a flat list.

The last important bit, the if statement checks to make sure the post actually has a parent before listing parent pages. If there are no parents, and get_post_ancestors() is called, it returns all pages on the WP site for some reason or another.

Putting it all together,

        $ancestorsCSV =  implode( ',' , get_post_ancestors( $post));

        if ($post->post_parent){
            wp_list_pages('include='.$ancestorsCSV.'&title_li=&depth=-1' ); 

I surprisingly wasn't able to find such a solution via google search.

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Actually, this returns them in alphabetical order. Anyone know how to do this and keep the correct order? –  evandentremont Oct 23 '12 at 4:02

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