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client side code

var reader = new FileReader(); 
var objVal;
var image = new Image();
reader.onload = function(e) {

function readURL(input){    
    if(input.files && input.files[0]){
    else {
        document.images[0].src = input.value || "No file selected";

function sendPost(){
            var url = '';
            var name = document.getElementById('fileInput').files[0].name;
    var data = document.getElementById('propertyImg').getAttribute('src');
    var f = document.createElement("form"); 
    var imgName = document.createElement("input"); 
    var imgData = document.createElement("input"); 
    var f_attr = { 'method' : 'post' , 'action' : url};
    var imgName_attr = {"type" : "hidden", "name" : "img_name", "value" : name};
    var imgData_attr = {"type" : "hidden", "name" : "data", "value" : data};
    setAttributes(f, f_attr);
    setAttributes(imgName, imgName_attr);
    setAttributes(imgData, imgData_attr);

function setAttributes(el, attrs) {
    for(var key in attrs) {
        el.setAttribute(key, attrs[key]);
   <img id="propertyImg" src="./img/sprite.png"></img>  
   <input type='file' id='fileInput'class='width70_prop' onchange="readURL(this);"></input>
   <button onclick="sendPost()">sendPost</button>

serverside code

          $FileName = $_POST['img_name']; 
          $data = $_POST['data']; 
          list($header, $content) = split('[,]', $data); 
          file_put_contents($FileName, base64_decode($content));
          print "Data Written"; 
    function showImg(){
    var imgSrc =  "<?=$data?>";
    var imgDiv = document.getElementById('imgDiv');
    imgDiv.src = imgSrc;
    <img id='imgDiv'></img>
    <button onclick="showImg()">show</button>

the blob sent to server had infomation about header and its content. when I split header then save decoded its content, it worked.... I changed above code which now works. thx guys

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You're writing your file as a base64 string, you should really try decoding it first and maybe go for a xhr instead of that thing. –  Delta Oct 23 '12 at 3:47

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First, there isn't anything in $_POST["data"] because the index (data) is named by the key in the JSON key : value pair, not the JavaScript var.

Secondly, you should change this:

$Handle = fopen($FileName, 'w');
fwrite($Handle, $data); 
print "Data Written"; 

to this:

file_put_contents($FileName, base64_decode($data));
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thanks.. thanks!! blob sent header and content altogether. I splited header and content form blob then decoded content as u provided.. it worked... thx again –  Seho Lee Oct 23 '12 at 3:59

oops.. someone beat me to it... When you read files as Dataurl on the clientside: reader.readAsDataUrl(...) the file is encoded in to a base64 string.. That's why if you save the data directly, it's not in the correct format. As the previous answer states, you base64_decode your data into the correct format.

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