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I am planning to buy MonoTouch and Mono for Android, but before I do I just want to know whether I can generate complete Xcode/Eclipse Projects from Mono the way we can do it in Titanium Studio. When we build the Titanium project it generates Java Projects for Ecplise and Objective-C code for Xcode.

Is the same process available in Mono? So that when I run into any limitations I can continue working on the project as a native project.

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Xamarin's design is not the same as Titanium Studio, and it is meaningless to generate such projects if you use MonoTouch or Mono for Android. I can hardly agree "a native project" is necessary. – Lex Li Oct 23 '12 at 9:34

There are no supported ways of generating Eclipse / Xcode projects with Mono for Android / MonoTouch.

In any case it's not something you'd want to do:

  • An Eclipse project for Mono for Android would be very little Java code, just a bunch of binary files compiled / bundled together by build commands in project file.
  • MonoTouch would spit out code, but it would be assembly, not ObjectiveC (and quite a few binary files too). I can hardly see how that would be interesting...
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