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in CKEDITOR Document I have a node named User_Image


User_Image node i stored in Variable Uimage

var Duimage=CKEDITOR.dom.element.createFromHtml(Uimage.getOuterHtml());

now just i created (dummy) duplicate node but this code supported me in all browsers other than IE. in IE Missing Customtags. the all tags are dynamic.

then i try with following :

var Duimage=ediInstance.document.createElement("User_Image");

but in this code if i changed in Duimage it also affect in CKEDITOR Document

any other Idea to get Duplicate Node ?

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Please see this post also @Reinmar –  Rameshkkumar Oct 23 '12 at 11:13

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First of all - check my answer here IE Browser losing ckeditor element setHtml("<userdefinedTags></userdefinedTags>")

Second - after you add support for custom tag in IE (remember to do this in the document in which element will be used) you can use element's clone() method. Here's its doc: http://nightly-v4.ckeditor.com/ckeditor_api/#!/api/CKEDITOR.dom.node-method-clone

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