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I've been googling and searching about but have yet to be successful with this. I would like to know the max value in a{1} and a{2} each considering all the fields. Similarly, I'd like to know the mean for each a, also considering all the fields.


I was hoping something below in a loop would work:


I assume there is some super efficient way to do this that I am missing...Any suggestions? Thanks

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Assuming each field in your struct is compatible with the max/mean functions, you can use:

maxima(ii) = max(structfun(@max, a{ii}))
means(ii) = mean(structfun(@mean, a{ii}))

Structfun returns the max/mean of each field in a column vector. The max and mean functions can easily be applied again to find the total max/mean. You may then run this in a loop for a struct array.

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Thanks. This is nice and simple. Would the nested cellfun solution be faster? – Dominik Oct 25 '12 at 21:05

First off, I think you mean to define a multi-dimensional structure:


(Note the round brackets instead of the curly braces. Curly braces would give you a cell-array containing two structs). Now, the values you seek:

max_mean = cellfun(@(x)[max(x) mean(x)], {a.field1}, 'UniformOutput', false);

Doing this, will give you the maximim and mean of a(1).field1 in max_mean{1}, and the maximum and mean of a(2).field1 in max_mean{2}.

Doing this for all fields can be done by nesting the cellfun above in another cellfun:

max_means = cellfun(@(x) ...
    cellfun(@(y)[max(y) mean(y)], {a.(x)}, 'UniformOutput', false), ...
    fieldnames(a), 'UniformOutput', false);

so that

max_means{1}{1} % will give you the max's and means of a(1).field1
max_means{1}{2} % will give you the max's and means of a(2).field1
max_means{2}{1} % will give you the max's and means of a(1).field2
max_means{2}{2} % will give you the max's and means of a(2).field2

Play with these functions until you find something that fits your needs.

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Rody, max_means individual vectors contain max and mean of one field vector, i.e. max_means{1}{1} do not contain max's, but a max and a mean from a(1).field1. – angainor Oct 23 '12 at 5:24
@angainor: Indeed, thanks! Edited. – Rody Oldenhuis Oct 23 '12 at 5:44
Thanks for the answer! You were right, I had multidimensional structure. When does it make sense to use a structure array vs a multidimensional structure? – Dominik Oct 25 '12 at 21:06

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