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Im trying to create the build in like button from facebook, but now facebook requieres to use the curl system, and onces i created the action, facebook gives me this code:

curl -F 'access_token=AAAAAKcSOZB8IBACXBZBQ1F5fUqqEeueY0bkj7eAZAeAWgjU5vU8c8ZC5X8L1ZAWGYVTlR0vySQQU0raZCuNCmPlcjxavrG6hsZD' \
 -F 'object=' \

But I not sure how to invoque this code using a link or a form button, my site has several user access token store in a mysql

Onces the like command is send, facebook will send back a id_from_create_call which will have to be store so when a user dislikes something, the value send by facebook must be use here:

curl -X DELETE \
 -F 'access_token=AAAAAKcSOZB8IBACXBZBQ1F5fUqqEeueY0bkj7eAZAeAWgjU5vU8c8ZC5X8L1ZAWGYVTlR0vySQQU0raZCuNCmPlcjxavrG6hsZD' \

Can someone help me?

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It will be better for you to use FB api..

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Yes. And you can skip the direct usage of Curl, since the SDK does it for you. – Seth Battin Oct 23 '12 at 4:58

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