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In my ZF2 application, I want to profile my database queries to browser console. I came across BjyProfiler to do so. I did all configuration as documented here: "BjyProfiler at github". Everything is fine, but still I am not able to profile the database queries to browser console. Unfortunately I found no any document which would explains uses of BjyProfiler. Any help is really appreciated.

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BjyProfiler does not provide mechanisms for transmitting or storing query profile data, as this is outside the scope of the current module (as of 2012/10/23, at least). If you wish to store (ie: to database or file) or transmit (ie: to browser console such as Chrome Developer Tools or FireBug) you will need to implement this yourself.

The ZendDeveloperTools module has integration with BjyProfiler, but is currently limited to counting and aggregate timing of queries. The ZF2 Doctrine ORM module (DoctrineORMModule) provides per-query profiling data to ZendDeveloperTools, and this is something that should be replicated for those using Zend\Db instead of Doctrine.

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Thanks Adam for your kind attention. I will go through ZendDeveloperTools module and will back to you in short. Anyways, I had success to configure BjyProfiler and now able to log the database queries in conjunction with Logger and FirePHP. – Hanmant Oct 25 '12 at 11:32
How did you do manage to log the db queries, Hanmant? Could you post it here for further reference? – sica07 Mar 2 '13 at 15:08

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