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I am using Django non-rel version with mongodb backends. I am interested in tracking the changes that occur on model instances e.g if someone creates/edits or deletes a model instance. Backend db is mongo hence models have an associated "_id" fields with them in the respective collections/dbs.

Now i want to extract this "_id" field on which this modif operation took place. The idea is to write this "_id" field to another db so someone can pick it up from there and know what object was updated.

I thought about overriding the save() method from Django "models.Model" since all my models are derived from that. However the mongo "_id" field is obviously not present there since the mongo-insert has not taken place yet.

Is there any possibility of a pseudo post-save() method that can be called after the save operation has taken place into mongo? Can django/django-toolbox/pymongo provide such a combination?

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So, do you want to track the changes on the object or just the timestamp when the object was saved? –  Raunak Agarwal Oct 23 '12 at 6:12
I want to track the object id "_id" for the modified object. So that i can send it to some other process etc so it knows what was updated. Not anything specific to timestamp. My other process can update itself –  auny Oct 23 '12 at 6:14

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After some deep digging into the Django Models i was able to solve the problem. The save() method inturn call the save_base() method. This method saves the returned results, ids in case of mongo, into self.id. This _id field can then be picked by by over riding the save() method for the model

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