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im trying to implement a toggle switch control in winforms c# i want to recreate the windows 8 pc setting toggle switch control as a metro ui (microsoft design style...whatever!)


i need help or direction how to start to create the control?

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you can look at my project at github: https://github.com/viperneo/winforms-modernui

i have implemented an toggle switch control there

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The best way to use these type of components, is using component dlls that have the feature already worked and developed with optimal performance, check these:

http://www.devcomponents.com/ http://www.devexpress.com/Subscriptions/DXperience/WhatsNew2012v1/winforms.xml

However, you can find open source projects, or examples of how to develop this in source code repositories like codeplex and codeproject, see this:


there is only one detail ... as seen in the link above, you will find more resources for these type of development in WPF.

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