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I'm creating a template for my blog and decided that it should be HTML5 compliant. I don't know what tag I need to use for, well, tags on my blog. (e.g. #personal, #technology, #cooking, etc).

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What you are looking for is microformats. Microformats are a specific way of writing html tags so that they carry additional semantic meaning.

Benefits include

  • They can help search engines exact out meaningful information out of a web page
  • They use existing html tags
  • In some cases they reuse existing html attributes
  • In some cases they add additional "non-standard" html attributes

Drawbacks include

  • Because they are not standardized, there is no guarantee that a particular format is reasonable.
  • There can also be multiple competing microformats
  • Even if you create the microformat, there is no guarantee it will be readable by anyone or anything
  • They may cause web pages to fail validation

More details can be found at http://microformats.org

And of course http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microformat#Specific_microformats

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