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HOW do I make an 'easy' to use WYSIWYG interface to make HTML files? I.E. A HTML Editor. Specifically to create formatted email messages, with images, hyperlinks, Font formatting, bullets, indenting, etc...

Note [jd]: this is a self-answered question intended to be a pointer for others.

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The component referred to in the answer has been moved to a new address - found it, and have updated the answer... – HeartWare Jun 21 '14 at 14:55

EmbeddedWB Web Browser Components from offer just the tools to do it.

Edit: doesn't exist any more. New location:

You place a EmbeddedWB (Web Browser) control(window) to display HTML such as from a website. You then place a EditDesigner component on the form and link it to the EmbeddedWB control in the Object Inspector - Properties.

With the EditDesigner you can set the WebBrowser to edit mode and have some basic editing, such as inserting or removing text or setting some font properties. Not a full editor though.

Do not despair, this package is a complete wrapper to the MSHTML editor. A slight addition to the EditDesigner unit allows you full access to the MSHTML execCommand interface.

Original Code:

    procedure ExecCommand(Command: Widestring; ShowUI: Boolean; Value: Integer);
         if Assigned(FEmbeddedWB) then
             GetHTMLDoc2FromWB.execCommand(Command, showUI, Value);

You will see that this procedure in EditDesigner.pas only accepts and parses the Value as Integer to the HTMLDoc.execCommand. Which is all you need for some commands,usually only needing 0 as the value. But many commands need String information for the Value, such as changing Fontname. The HTMLDoc.execCommand will actually accept a Variant as Value, so I added another procedure to EditDesigner.pas, as follows, to give near full access to MSHTML editor, if you know the commands to send.

procedure TEditDesigner.ExecCommandEx(Command: Widestring; ShowUI: Boolean; Value: OleVariant);
      if Assigned(FEmbeddedWB) then
          GetHTMLDoc2FromWB.execCommand(Command, showUI, Value);

You access this procedure when you need to send a more advanced command to the editor. This will change Font Colour.

procedure TfrmComposer.actFontColourExecute(Sender: TObject);
    if dlgColorDialog.Execute then

This will change the Font...

procedure TfrmComposer.JvFontComboBoxChange(Sender: TObject);

There is also an EditDesigner1.InsertHTML procedure that will allow you to insert whatever you want.

Happy Delphiin' ;)

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