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This doubt has been bugging me for quite sometime now. I'll try to present it in the form of following scenario.

Scenario -

Assume I have 2 different projects, Project-1 and Project-2, in the same Workspace in Eclipse-JUNO. Project-1 has an interface I & a class A in the package P, and Project-2 has a class B in the package Q. I want to know if I can have the class B (of Project-2) implement the interface I and extend the class A (both located in the package P) of Project-1. If yes, how? If no, what are the alternative ways?

Looking forward to understanding this scenario.

Thanks in advance!

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For extending class A of Project-1,first it should be accessible/visible outside its package(make it public) and second thing your Project-1 should be on the classpath of Project-2

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Yes, you can, as long as Project-1 is on the classpath of Project-2.

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Make your Project-2 depend on Project-1 in eclipse. And change Class B declaration in project 2.

This scenario is just like any other jar file in the class path. project-2 is including project-1 jars in its classpath and working on it.

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