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For days i've already about openerp structure, i understand it, openerp is mvc. From the tutorial :

Model : Postgre table

View : XML file

Controller : The objects of OpenERP

that make me still confuse is, when i'm trying to file where is controller file, i found a file inside the module (sale) ,, i think it is the controller, but when i check inside the file, there is also a query inside there..


def _picked_rate(self, cr, uid, ids, name, arg, context=None):
    if not ids:
        return {}
    res = {}
    for id in ids:
        res[id] = [0.0, 0.0]
            p.sale_id, sum(m.product_qty), mp.state as mp_state
            stock_move m
        LEFT JOIN
            stock_picking p on (
        LEFT JOIN
            procurement_order mp on (
            p.sale_id IN %s GROUP BY mp.state, p.sale_id''', (tuple(ids),))


As I know from other framework, about model, view and controller are separated in different file(CI, Yii, etc). So what about openerp? What about the controller and the model?

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The MVC architecture description in the Developer book tell you that "In OpenERP, we can apply this model-view-controller semantic with":

  • model : The PostgreSQL tables.
  • view : views are defined in XML files in OpenERP.
  • controller : The objects of OpenERP. defined the objects and business logic, so it's the controller. However, sometimes the implementation code bypasses the ORM and accesses the database directly, running SQL through the execute() method. This ought to be the exception, since the proper way would be through the ORM's browse() method.

Also note that, although the model components "hosted" by PostgreSQL tables, in fact they are defined in the .py files. I would say the the .py files define both the model and the controller logic.

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so it means model and controller is in same file, isn't it? so what about *.mako file? what the difference between *.py and *.mako in openerp? –  ws_123 Oct 23 '12 at 9:24
.mako file is created to generate webkit reports while .py file is used to define model & business logic. –  Sudhir Arya Oct 23 '12 at 9:28

OpenERP can be applied to The Standard MVC, but OpenERP is a multitenant, three-tier architecture. as per the framework model can be access through the controller eg.

cr.execute('select partner_id from sale_order where id=%d', (ID,))
partner_id = cr.fetchone()[0]

by overriding fields_view_get method one can also create view from the controller(.py file)(Doc)

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