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Here is a text file: test/foo.txt

When I use Sublime Text 2 to edit and save it, the 'test' folder's modification date doesn't change.

So if I want update the folder's date, need to run "touch test/" in Terminal. It drive me crazy.

Any way to do that automatically ?

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You can change that on your preference file. This is known as atomic save.

On your preference file, change it to:

"atomic_save": false

This will touch the file every time you save it.

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The modification time of a directory will be updated only when a file is added, removed or renamed. Changing the content of the files in that directory simply won't trigger that.

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But Vim, Emacs and other editors trigger that when edit files. – Nemo Alex Oct 23 '12 at 7:55
Yes, they do, which indicates that they create some kind of temp/.swp file while you editing the file in that directory, thus causing the update on the modification time of that directory. Sublime text doesn't work in that way. – Shuo Ran Oct 25 '12 at 2:00

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