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I have a datalist in form1. How I can bring the selected datalist items to form2?

That is code in form1. When I click to context menu form2 comes. I want to bind selected items's common datas in a table to a datagrid in form2.

 protected void showKontextMenu(string key, int col = -1, WlistRow row = null)
          int cou = datalist.SelectedItems.Count;
             if (utilDB.isAllowed(utilDB.eDBRights.eEditor) && cou>1)
                cm.Items.Add(new MenuItem() { Header = utilText.sstr("Stichworte und Attribute"), Name = "AttrEdit", Tag = key });
        cm.AddHandler(MenuItem.ClickEvent, new RoutedEventHandler(KontextMenu_Click));
        cm.IsOpen = true;
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As mentioned by Dejo also, there are many ways. But I guess the simplest and most effective way is following.

  • Create static variables in the main program.
  • Assign values to those variables from from1.
  • Access them from form2.

Hope you get it (without the sample code!)

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save selected value in some variable in form1 & access that variable from form2

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There are many ways.

Common are to save data to a for example object, and access it from another class (form)

You can also make constructor with type datalist as a parameter and send your data with constructor call.

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Could you make a simple example?? – Isi Oct 23 '12 at 7:53

You could expose a Property on your Form1 and access it from Form2

Add a property on your Form1

private DataList _formOneList
public DataList FormOneList
    get{return _formOneList;}

Access it on your Form2

private DataList FormTwoList
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