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I'm trying to make a loading bar (showing percentage loaded/buffered) for an HTML5 audio element.

For the video tag it's possible to calculate using the following:

video.buffered.end(0) / video.duration

But I can't get this to work with the audio tag. It just returns a fix value.

Any idea?


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What is the fixed value it returns? Can you create a simple jsfiddle to demonstrate the issue?

This html5 doctor tutorial was written quite recently and has some good information on the current state of play of HTML5 Audio. The following tip half way down the page looks like it might be pertinent in your case:

You may need to check the durationchange event as some durations could change while media downloads. Also, depending on whether metadata is available, you might need to wait until the audio starts playing to check its duration. In short, keep an eye on the durationchange event, and watch out for NaN values when the duration isn’t yet known!

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