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I have a web site which when called by a client using WebClient (c#) it returns data. I want to secure this web site so that all clients calling my web site for data need to provide username/passowrd so i can authenticate them. My web site is hosed in IIS. Additionaly i later want to implement logging (e.i, which client is calling my web site etc).

I am thinking of the following: 1- Should i change my web site to wcf project in order to easly implement the authnetication? 2- I want to use Active directory for storing info about users. So if a client is registered in AD and calls my web site, then it is accepted, otherwise denied. 3- I would like to use username and password (because i want to authenticate againt AD and also want to know who the calling client is and later implement logging). 4- Any idea on what to use and how to implement the logging? 5 how can IIS help me implementing this? 6- Can AD be innstalled on the same mashine that has ISS (hosting my web site) installed? Can i install AD on my pc (win 7) or it must be installed on Win Server 2008 R2? 7- Is there any problem with sending username adn password to contact my web site, is it secure enough? 8- i have heard about basic authentication, is it something possible to use in my case? 9- Any code samples showing code on how the client calls the service with username/password and how the server gets the request and authenticates it against AD. I would really be very thankful.

I have read and googled alot and a just got more confused.


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Have you considered using integrated Windows auth in IIS? If so why doesn't that work for you? –  Eric Fleischman Oct 23 '12 at 15:59
No i havnt. I will find more info about Integrated Win Auth in ISS. I hav never used that btw. –  user1705714 Oct 24 '12 at 9:20
anyone who could help? –  user1705714 Oct 25 '12 at 9:58

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