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So I need to link to things like a section with id="mySection" at


But since the page generated in wordpress and there is not any actual directory /sub/, nor any index.html or what have you inside it, how can I link to a specific part of the rendered page?

Safari does nothing however when I create an anchor like this:


nor when I do it like this:


It works in firefox, just not safari. Thanks you. Joe

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Is there an anchor on the page with the name mySection? e.g. <a name="MySection" /> –  Runscope API Tools Aug 19 '09 at 21:15

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Both those formats work fine for me in Safari 4. Perhaps something else on the page is causing the problem?

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That should work actually. If you have a section on your site, with id='mySection'...

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Rewriting the anchors into http://www.example.com/sub/#mySection somehow works now. Oh well.

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