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I'm using Pyramid with Cornice to create an API for a Backbone.js application to consume. My current code is working perfectly for GET and POST requests, but it is returning 404 errors when it receives PUT requests. I believe that this is because Backbone sends them as http://example.com/api/clients/ID, where ID is the id number of the object in question.

My Cornice setup code is:

clients = Service(name='clients', path='/api/clients', description="Clients")

def get_clients(request):

def create_client(request):

def update_client(request):

It seems that Cornice only registers the path /api/clients and not /api/clients/{id}. How can I make it match both?

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The documentation gives an example of a service that has both an individual path (/users/{id}) and an object path (/users). Would this work for you ?

@resource(collection_path='/users', path='/users/{id}')

A quick glance at the code for the resource decorator shows that it mainly creates two Service : one for the object and one for the collection. Your problem can probably be solved by adding another Service :

client = Service(name='client', path='/api/clients/{id}', description="Client")
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Thanks, your second suggestion worked. I tried using @resource, and it worked fine for the GET and PUT calls, but simply refused to recognise the POST call (I tried it both as post() and collection_post() but it kept throwing 501s) –  paul88888 Oct 23 '12 at 21:33

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