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I have four events:

View.AdditionPerformed += new EventHandler<EventArgs>(OnOperationPerformed);
View.SubtractionPerformed+=new EventHandler<EventArgs>(OnOperationPerformed);
View.DivisionPerformed+=new EventHandler<EventArgs>(OnOperationPerformed);
View.MultiplyPerformed+=new EventHandler<EventArgs>(OnOperationPerformed);

and one method:

private void OnOperationPerformed(object sender, EventArgs e)


How can I define which event raised my method? Something like this:

private void OnOperationPerformed(object sender, EventArgs e)
      case MultiplyPerformed:{}
      case DivisionPerformed:{}
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Write your own EventArgs which has an enum inside, telling you the raised event.

enum MyEventEnum

The EventArgs

class MyEventArgs : EventArgs
    public MyEventEnum EventRaised { get; set; }

Define the Handlers

View.AdditionPerformed += new EventHandler<MyEventArgs>(OnOperationPerformed);
View.SubtractionPerformed+=new EventHandler<MyEventArgs>(OnOperationPerformed);
View.DivisionPerformed+=new EventHandler<MyEventArgs>(OnOperationPerformed);
View.MultiplyPerformed+=new EventHandler<MyEventArgs>(OnOperationPerformed);

When you call them:

this.AdditionPerformed(this, new MyEventArgs 
    { EventRaised = MyEventEnum.AdditionPerformed };

I know it's pretty hardcoded, but there isn't any other way.

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This makes no sense at all. You don't need to pass the event "type" as an event argument as you already have one event per operation. – Daniel Hilgarth Oct 23 '12 at 9:43
He wants to put all his operations to one method. This is the only way archieving it. I've never said I would do it that way. – Jan P. Oct 23 '12 at 9:46

Instead of using EventArgs, you could use your own event argument class to pass in the necessary data to make the choice inside the handler.

It would then become available on your e variable inside the handler.


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