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I have two databases, one MySQL 5, one SQL Server 2000. I've got the MySQL database mapped as a linked server in the MS SQL database. I'd like to call a stored procedure saved in the MySQL database from the MS SQL database. What's the correct syntax to do this? Is it even possible in SQL Server 2000?


I've tried

EXEC webpush...clear_tables

but I just get this back:

Could not execute procedure 'clear_tables' on remote server 'webpush'.
[OLE/DB provider returned message: [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]
[mysqld-5.0.46-enterprise-gpl-log]You have an error in your SQL syntax; 
check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the 
right syntax to use near '?=call "clear_tables";1' at line 1]

Even when I fill in DB name and owner, I still get the same thing.

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I was looking to do something similar, so even though this is way out of date, I thought I'd post a reply for anyone else searching. I could not find a way to run stored procedures via the '...' notation, but this works fine

Here is asimple stored proc in MySQL to update the barcode field for a record in the test table of database xxx given the id :


DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS xxx.STP_products_Update_barcode$$ CREATE DEFINER=root@localhost PROCEDURE xxx.STP_products_Update_barcode(IN xid INT,in xbarcode varchar(25)) BEGIN UPDATE test SET barcode = xbarcode
WHERE id = xid; END $$


and this is a procedure in SQL Server to run it (I normally have TRY CATCH blocks and other error trapping, but have left that out for clarity.Note that MYSQL_XXX is a linked server that was set up from SQL Server to MySQL :


@product_id int, @barcode varchar(20) AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @SQL nvarchar(1000)

SET @SQL = 'CALL STP_products_Update_barcode(' + CAST(@Product_id as varchar) + ','''+ @barcode +''')' EXEC (@SQL) AT MYSQL_XXX SET NOCOUNT OFF END GO

Haven't got the hang of formatting code on here and am a bit rushed at the moment, but you get the idea...

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I haven't used linked servers in this way but can you not just call using the exec using the linked server.database.owner.procedure syntax?

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