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I have an index.jsp, frame1.jsp called and I need to pass the value in text box from frame1.jsp to frame2.jsp after click the Submit button to make database connection. I encountered error to do so. Please kindly help.


<frameset rows="18%,*">
          <frame src="frame1.jsp" name="frame1" scrolling="no">  


            <td width="15%"><b>
                    <font color="#FFFFFF" size="3">ADSL Number

                            <input name="ADSLNO" type="text" />

                     <input name="Submit" type="submit" value="Confirm" />


 <frameset cols="100%,*">
                    <frame src="frame2.jsp" name="frame2">

            <noframes><body>No frame! </body></noframes>




                String ADSL = request.getParameter("ADSLNO");
                if(ADSL!= null)
                String connectionURL = "jdbc:mysql://";
                Connection connection = null;
                String buffer = "<div class='divTable'>";
                connection = DriverManager.getConnection(connectionURL, "dipadm", "dipadm123");
                Statement stmt = connection.createStatement();
                ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("select DT, PROFILE, DS_BW, SNR_DW, AT_DW, UCE, MODEL, CRC, RETRAIN from scanProfileData where ADSLNO='" + ADSL + "' order by DT DESC;");
                if (rs != null) {
                buffer="<div class='divRowh'><div class='divCellDT'>DATE/TIME</div>" ;
                buffer=buffer+"<div class='divCellPROFILE'>PROFILE</div>";
                buffer=buffer+"<div class='divCellBANDWIDTH'>BANDWIDTH</div>";
                buffer=buffer+"<div class='divCellSNR'>SNR</div>";
                buffer=buffer+"<div class='divCellATTENUATION'>ATTENUATION</div>";
                buffer=buffer+"<div class='divCellCRC'>CRC</div>";
                buffer=buffer+"<div class='divCellUCE'>UCE</div>";
                buffer=buffer+"<div class='divCellMODEL'>MODEL</div>";
                buffer=buffer+"<div class='divCellRETRAIN'>RETRAIN</div></div>";

                buffer =buffer+"<div class='divRow'>"
                              +"<div class='divCellDTr'>"+rs.getString("DT")+"</div>"
                              +"<div class='divCellPROFILEr'>"+rs.getString("PROFILE")+"</div>"
                              +"<div class='divCellBANDWIDTHr'>"+rs.getString("DS_BW")+"</div>"
                              +"<div class='divCellSNRr'>"+rs.getString("SNR_DW")+"</div>"
                              +"<div class='divCellATTENUATIONr'>"+rs.getString("AT_DW")+"</div>"
                              +"<div class='divCellCRCr'>"+rs.getString("CRC")+"</div>"
                              +"<div class='divCellUCEr'>"+rs.getString("UCE")+"</div>"
                              +"<div class='divCellMODELr'>"+rs.getString("MODEL")+"</div>"
                              +"<div class='divCellRETRAINr'>"+rs.getString("RETRAIN")+"</div></div>";

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what kind of error? – MaVRoSCy Oct 23 '12 at 9:25
When i clicked the Submit button, no result display which should retrieve from the database.Should my index.jsp includes frameset2.jsp? For example: <frameset rows="82%,*"> <frame src="frame2.jsp" name="frame1" scrolling="no">? – Tramie Oct 23 '12 at 9:35
Do i need to create a function in frame2.jsp to include the database connection coding? So that frame1 can call frame2? Sorry i am beginner in HTML and JSP. – Tramie Oct 23 '12 at 9:46
anyone can help please? – Tramie Oct 25 '12 at 8:52

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