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Lets say I have following string: 'product=1627;color=45;size=7' in some field of the table. I want to query for the color and get 45.

With this query:

SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR('product=1627;color=45;size=7', 'color\=([^;]+);?') "colorID" 

I get :

1 row selected


Is it possible to get part of the matched string - 45 for this example?

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SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR(REGEXP_SUBSTR('product=1627;color=45;size=7', 'color\=([^;]+);?'), '\d+') "colorID" FROM DUAL; – Vikdor Oct 23 '12 at 9:30
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One way to do it is with REGEXP_REPLACE. You need to define the whole string as a regex pattern and then use just the element you want as the replace string. In this example the ColorID is the third pattern in the entire string

SELECT REGEXP_REPLACE('product=1627;color=45;size=7'
                         , '(.*)(color\=)([^;]+);?(.*)'
                         , '\3') "colorID"  

It is possible there may be less clunky regex solutions, but this one definitely works. Here's a SQL Fiddle.

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Thanks, this is what I need! – Andrey Oct 23 '12 at 10:37

Try something like this:

SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR(REGEXP_SUBSTR('product=1627;color=45;size=7', 'color\=([^;]+);?'), '[[:digit:]]+') "colorID"
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