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I created a project in the API Console, I sent a request to enable the API to produce integration code, but the Youtube Data API are still not enabled. I see "Request Access...", and if I ask for other APIs (that don't need Request Access), they become enabled (es: Books, Places) How I can do? Thanks!

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You only need to request access for the v3 API of YouTube. Only a few people get access to it.

If you only want to use v2 of the API, you don't have to do anything, just start making calls. If you need v3 (as far as I know, it can not do more at the moment though), you will have to wait until it becomes public.

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Public access to v3 is not far off. Please continue to be patient, and in the meantime, you can experiment with if you want to get a feel for what will be initially supported.

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